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Grant Enfinger - Las Vegas Event Recap

Las Vegas Race Information:

Started: 4th

Stage 1: 19th

Stage 2: 20th

Finished: 11th

Laps: 133/134

Laps Led: 2

Status: Running

Driver Points: 1st

Owner Points: 2nd


“Overall a tough weekend. We had good speed out of our Champion Power Equipment/Curb Records Ford F-150, it just wasn’t meant to be this time around in Vegas. We still don’t know exactly what happened in practice – we had some electrical issues, and popped a motor early on – so we didn’t get much practice. We qualified good, but obviously had to start in the back because we changed the motor yesterday. It started running hot early in the race, and it shouldn’t have, so we were fighting track position during the first Stage. Due to pit strategy, we got our track position back, but unfortunately a plug wire came off at the end of Stage 2, and we had to make multiple trips down pit road. We worked our way back inside the top-10, in the final laps, but lost a right rear tire there at the end – it had air, but no rubber. So, overall just a tough weekend here in Las Vegas. I’m so proud of everyone for not giving up. I’m thankful Josh Hankish was able to come over the wall and find the spark plug that had come off. We were able to salvage what could have been a terrible day into just a bad day.”

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