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Late-Race Incident Relegates Grant Enfinger To A 31st-Place Finish At Las Vegas

“Overall just a frustrating end to our day here in Las Vegas. We fought it a little bit at the beginning of the race, but made some good adjustments on that first pit stop and we were able to drive up to the top-five. I felt like we finally had something to work with after Stage 1. Then we lost a little bit of track position there towards the middle of the race - I chose the wrong lane on one of the restarts and I got in the back of the pack a little bit. I was just trying to get back by the 4 truck – he was using a good bit of track, but I had to roll him on the outside and it’s hard to complete passes inside. I tried to give him some room, he got loose and just slid up into us, which ultimately put a hole in the radiator and ended our night. Overall, just a frustrating end for our Curb Records/Protect The Harvest team, but we’ll rebound in Atlanta in a couple weeks.” - Grant Enfinger

Las Vegas Race Information:

Started: 9th

Stage 1: 11th

Stage 2: 4th

Finished: 31st

Laps: 89/134

Laps Led: 0

Status: Accident

Driver Points: 7th (-26)

Owner Points: 9th (-45)

2020 Stats:

Starts: 2

Poles: 0

Wins: 1

Laps Led: 41

Top-5 Finishes: 1

Top-10 Finishes: 1

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