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NASCAR Modifies Pit-Stop Procedure For Stand-Alone Truck Race

By: Staff Report

NASCAR revealed Tuesday it has modified the pit-stop procedure for the stand-alone race in the Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series at World Wide Technology Raceway this season on Aug. 30. Meanwhile, for the NASCAR Xfinity Series’ stand-alone event at Road America on Aug. 8, a modified version of the pit-road procedures announced in January will be used.

Here’s how the Gander Trucks procedure works: There will be three stages in the race with Stage 1 ending at Lap 55, Stage 2 ending at Lap 110 and the final stage scheduled to end on Lap 160. Teams may choose to pit, or not, during the stage breaks, and the field is frozen during that time.

Those who do pit will have three minutes to complete their work during the stage breaks. If a team goes over that time, they will be sent to the rear on the ensuing restart. The order drivers enter pit road is the order they will line up off pit road. Trucks that elected to pit will line up behind those trucks remaining on track — lead-lap trucks followed by lap-down trucks, the free-pass, waive-around trucks and any penalty trucks.

Additionally, all caution periods will be quickie yellows, meaning there will be one opportunity to add fuel and/or make adjustments. There will be no changing of tires except during stage breaks. NASCAR will work with teams on flat tires or damaged rims.

The new rules for Gander Trucks are meant to provide more green-flag racing in the final race of the 2020 Triple Truck Challenge as drivers compete for the cash bonus. The Gander Trucks used a similar procedure at Eldora Speedway in recent years.

“We believe these updated procedures are the best fit for the lone NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series standalone race of 2020,” said Brad Moran, Gander Trucks managing director. “Given the importance of this race in the Triple Truck Challenge and the Gander Trucks playoffs, we wanted to provide our fans with more green-flag racing and place the fate of the bonus in the drivers’ hands.”

For the Xfinity Series, the new rules include the field will be frozen at the time of caution. When pit road opens, all cars may pit and teams may add fuel or change up to four tires. (Four tires and fuel would require two pit stops to complete a full pit cycle.)

Stage breaks will consist of a full pit cycle, meaning two opportunities to pit to add fuel or change tires while pit road is open.

NASCAR has the discretion to call a quickie yellow during non-stage breaks, giving drivers the chance to pit to add fuel or change tires. Fuel only may be added during green-flag stops, with pit stops for tire changes on green-flag stop only being permitted by NASCAR for flat tires, significant damage, etc.

There’s a minimum 60-second time limit for teams making green-flag stops and an 80-second maximum time for teams making yellow-flag stops.

In the case of inclement weather, teams will be permitted to change from dry-weather tires to wet tires (or vice versa) under yellow- or green-flag conditions.

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